Dryland salinity essay

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Solutions to the problem of dryland salinity in Queensland

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Salinity in Australia

It is important to distinguish between Dry land salinity and irrigated land salinity. In this case the affected area is due to rain and not farmers irrigating crops.


Dry land salinity is the gradual loss of land due to rising salt. This salt is. OCTOBER PRIMEFACT Dryland salinity – causes and impacts. Cynthia Podmore. Advisory Officer, Natural Resource Advisory Services, Wagga Wagga.

Dryland salinity is having detrimental effects on Australia. There is a continuing loss of productive farmland; degradation of soil and water resources; extinction of native plant and animal species and social and economic decline of rural communities.4/4(1).

Dryland Salinity essaysDry land salinity is a major problem that farmers face throughout parts of Australia. Salinity is when salt rises to the surface due to waterlogged ground which cause the water table to rise bring up salt with it.

Dryland salinity is having detrimental effects on Australia. There is a continuing loss of productive farmland; degradation of soil and water resources; extinction of native plant and animal species and social and economic decline of rural communities.

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The occurrence of primary and secondary salinity and their impacts on water resources Essay

Dryland salinity has become a large problem in Australia.

Dryland salinity essay
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