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Including this new material in your essay definitely increases to your word count. These essays are not pointless if you are an english major the purpose is to get you acclimated to churning out work that pays per word on topics that have no social relevance for websites that only care about clicks and not a bit about content.

Pointless Wall Of Text I made. Yet you still have the urge and motivation to read this pointless and long essay. Now you have nearly reached the end, you ponder, why am I reading this? Why is the writer making a paragraph so long that I have the urge and motivation to finish this pointless paragraph to prove him that reading is what makes.

“Research shows that essays are pointless exercises anyway.” The research paper is fraternal twin of the essay, requiring students to find “credible sources” and to put it in their own words or incorporate quotes. Last week, Yale announced it was dropping the requirement for applicants to submit either the SAT or ACT essay test.

This comes after Harvard made the same choice this past March. The number of schools requiring the essay portion of these exams is rapidly dwindling, hopefully heading for zero if.

Persuasive essays are pointless There is no logical reason to write a persuasive essay for an English class. Persuasive essays definitely do not need to be a requirement for high school students. When writing an essay, especially when it's intended to be read by a teacher, it's important to keep in mind that your essay needs to be long enough to prove your point.


Three points, three paragraphs is often not enough to do this.

Long pointless essay
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