Reflective essay on teaching experience

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How to Write a Reflective Essay With Sample Essays

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I chose University life as a career because of my love of teaching. I consider teaching to be the most important activity universities engage in and the chance to work with students as the most rewarding part of my professional life. In its simplest form, reflective practice is the ability to reflect on your actions and engage in a process of continuous learning.

3 Aims and Objectives Aim To inform and support the production of reflective writing for work-based learning or work experience modules. Objectives - Having worked through the pack you will have: Identified the characteristics of reflective writing Recognise how to deepen reflective writng.

This book was recommended to us - a PhD cohort group - excellent book - taking us right through origins of reflective practitioner - very readable- divided up very well into sections and chapters - I purchased a used book and the previous reader had underlined and highlighted parts of it which was very helpful!!!!

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Reflective essay on teaching experience
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Math Methodology: Instruction Essay: Introduction to Teaching Challenges